Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eric Church - Smoke A Little Smoke


#GodParticle @ricoSacto #ricoSacto @CERNSuperCollider

c. Thursday, June 21, 2018
The legend comes from somewhere way back when, crusaders protected the fallen dark star
Bones of the One who claimed to be the only son of the Sun, a One of the Many here and now
But that didn’t sit well with the kings of the world, they killed the immortal visitor from afar
Told his mother and father he was teaching a collusion collision with a spider-serpent show.

Smoking middle of the tornado, the typhoon, the hurricane, fire-storm, let’s go boy, let’s ride
Alone and in the dark in Hollywood or Memphis, it really never mattered to men or the gods
Or the God who generated the theoretical pantheon our ancestors recorded before they died
Nobody was left to boss anyone around and everything became the Dark Age of Man & God.

In this dimension or in another of Space and Time you and I move because protons collided
Opened up an alternate universe which has a door that goes or comes and then closes tight
We’re their boogie man and they are ours, monsters that want to kill or be killed by the dead
Black Hole’s theoretical model of nothing but Strangelets ANTI-MATTER wormhole fights.

China super-collider wants to open the gates of The Abyss, gods mingle with seeds of men
Tear the veil off of the Chaos you’ve been hiding, letting your ancestors die without knowing
I mean, it’s like WTF written a billion times after every word you ever say, angels of heaven
#FullDisclosure is that these weaponized humanoid reptiles, miss their dinosaurs they left.

Superbowl of Word, observation of the Effect we are, annihilation of the Void, Be Strangelets
What are you talking about? Are you saying that #BlackGoo is wanting to marry #GreyGoo
Dimensions of astrophysics reduced to One, extra-galactic Devil������ LUCIFER ��
Holy is a ghost that obfuscates the Truth, dimensional invisibilities twisted, #ForgetAboutIt.

Dreamer awakened with the fine, feathered wings that cannot be seen, unheard of fake-News
Word of the talking ventriloquist on Habucci island, deadly serpents eating man’s deep Blues
Overwhelmed by the snakes, the snakes, squeeze the life out of your kins’ psychotic inbreds
In silence, suffer with the pain of being the One, alive in Genesis 9:1 & verse 2, biblical dread.

In a coral cave of ancient tunnels, old and underground, looking deeply into the darkness’ air
There is no light and there is no Truth, it’s a matter of dreamin’ about the #FakeSnakes, sir
Awakened alien DNA and human DNA making comic book superheros, super angels’ food
To consume stardust, suckin’ gas, before it cracks, returns to Supernovae, ashes of All, Good.

r j j stephan, i
c. June 21, 2018 Thursday @ 10:04 AM PST
{ written while listenin’ to Los Lonely Boys #Senorita & HITS on youTube link @ https://youtu.be/CsiEicpZWbY }

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Henry Gruver: Fallen Angels Chained Beneath Streets of Rome!



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