Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Most Fastest Future Space Travel Technology Discovery Documentary

W.W.A.R.D.? it is what it is.....now go git some.....here's a poem  wrote today:                                                                                


Why you're alive is the reason for this analysis, don't believe a man talkin' on a radio 
Or a woman talkin' on a television program, not alive but sounds and images of blows 
From the culture of good and evil from Rome to Peking, Moscow to NYC and Chicago 
Victory in the empty hands of Defeat, rising from the dust and ash of allies and foes. 
What's the number that comes just before one, rhetorical question, zero says Zeno 
Why do you ask?  Do you want to sink ships with those loose lips from Reno? 
Of course not, you're a non-teaching philosopher, you took your SAT's and flunked 
You joined the Air Force of the US, who me?  Yeah you, and here you are right now, bled. 
The answers are "A," "C" or "E" that's the key, the nature of the Standard Aptitude Test 
Strategy of the intelligencia to keep the herd, stupid and complicated Texas Ed Website 
Giving the key answers to all of the questions to get into the college universe of your pick 
Don't need any balls thrown, bounced or caught, no puck hit, no water swum 'til sick. 
OK, now for the Zeno way, the familia of Giuseppe, great, maternal grandfather of me 
First before the beginning there was a mass of everything that ever was, is and will be 
Then a mystery ensues, this "thing" itself began to think of subjects, verbs and objects 
Then the key, A.C.E. key of the lock to the top of the heap, sky's the limit for insects. 
Special creation of divinity myth down the time tunnel advanced to here and now 
Either blind faith follow a stupid, ignorant moron of a leader or your true Self to follow 
No room for a wild guess answer to the perennial question, why we exist on Terra Ferma 
Read the words of a language you understand, French, Greek, Russian or Latin Lingua. 
It's hidden in plain view for everyone to see but overlook as just uninteresting gems 
From men and women you'll not only never meet but never benefit from their thought 
A reason for being alive for each and every one of the things that live on Earth's R.E.M.'s 
Dreaming God, evil genius' paradox, ancient/modern same old same old logic's reasons. 
{"The novel is presented as a diary written by Zeno (who claims that it is full of lies), published by his doctor. The doctor has left a little note in the beginning, saying he had Zeno write an autobiography to help him in his psychoanalysis. The doctor has published the work as revenge for Zeno discontinuing his visits. 
The diary, however, does not follow the chronological order; instead, it is structured in large chapters, each one developing a particular theme (The smoke addiction, My father's death, History of my marriage and so on). Only the last chapter is a real diary, with pages related to single dates in the period of the First World War. 
"Zeno first writes about his cigarette addiction and cites the first times he smoked. In his first few paragraphs, he remembers his life as a child. One of his friends bought cigarettes for his brother and him. Soon, he steals money from his father to buy tobacco, but finally decides not to do this out of shame. Eventually, he starts to smoke his father's half-smoked cigars instead..."...& NOW here we are......55 years from my 1st Lucky Strike & Ohio Blue Tip.} 
"YouPromise.com," get 1-25% back for your child's education, sign up under your kid's name 
You think I'm kiddin'?  Try it and you'll like it and get everybody else's money OPM to pay 
For your children's PHD's here's some food for your infinite thought, just git some 
College, university, trades, professional admin overlord, nobody's got anything to say. 
This way, this path through the muck and the mire, for everyone from top to bottom 
Must be tread, the stakes are not too high, just EVERYTHING's at stake, add this sum 
Laws and regulations cannot be made or enforced by our rock and cinema stars 
If you FORCE people who are FANS to NUDGE their governing body, you leave scars. 
Now and then, here and there even here and now you've got to admit this is a trip 
Walkin' around without a clue, doin' doin' doin' somethin' or other until injured or demise 
Headstands on your feet to practice makin' Jack to buy some grunts and a digs' crib 
Solutions of a Sicilian fundamentalist, tempered by Gaelic and Germanic DNA's dry ice. 
Begin with nothing then there was light and now here we are, becoming cosmic eggs 
Carbon dated souls out of line with the reality we perceive as what must be, what we see 
What we comprehend as what this is all about based on our predecessors' crippled legs 
Emperors, kings, queens, czars, dictators, POTUS' & your mama's tinker toy reality. 
So, I am Zeno and this is the meat of my argument for the hearts and minds of the human 
You don't know anything at all I imagine, we've got belief, blind faith and occult flow 
Priest, priestess, rabbi, immam, minister, reverend, swami, sri, master to whom we bow 
Pit of hell where you are right now reading this, the rest is gravy; an Eagles rock star fan. 
c. April 13, 2016 05:55 AM Wednesday 
( #ricoSacto @ricoSacto ***written while listenin' to Mr. James Marshall Hendrix (vet #USAF )  youTube link @ https://youtu.be/wDvlErh5zcc?list=RDwDvlErh5zcc  https://youtu.be/ON_pm4GezgQ


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do not shoot the messenger....READ the damn law!
@ricoSacto WHAT IT IS TO BE HAPPY Y'ALL KNOW, IT'S ALL UP TO YOU by Richard Stephan ********************** In Aristotle's Metaphysics it's not always a clear meaning What it is to be happy or even what it is to be a man But if you read between the Greek lines of the philosopher You may find just about all you need to become a fan. He said many things can make you happy but nothing can Make you happier than you can you, yourself deep within Nothing outside of you has that magic power that is yours The rocket ship that came 2000 years later could roll the whores. The morning light and the evening stars could be so bright That you couldn't see the forest through the skinny trees But that was alright because the mystery was not even there The magic was a matter of spirit and slight of hand of some keys. The future fades into the present for a very good reason It's just that all of the dying people don't tell you before they leave Changing from the baby into the man or woman is what it is The soul flies to the origin of the cause of the star dust of heaven. Pray for something, change the future by a format magic spell Repeat the same invocation three times three times seven You get the nine babies who will fade into the shining essence That brings the reason for star being, just to be happy, be happy. by Richard Joseph Stephan c August 23, 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDhttp://youtu.be/cHhTzLB_r7A


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