Friday, April 14, 2017


There's no room for error on this third stone, one false move and you're dead, your mama and daddy hit it hard 
Or maybe they didn't and wanted you to learn for yourself that you can't always get what you want, jelly soul roll 
All I ever needed was some dough filled with berries all covered with processed sugar from #Skynyrd's innards 
Penchant for pulling strings and hair, makin' little girls cry after diapers stopped bein' changed, thanks pops' LOL. 

Not to be too hard on yourself, even though you are responsible for the entire gravitational collapse of the matrix 
There is no need to fear death or disease since it's a tragedy that only happens to the living and their in on the fix 
Believing in immortality due to the fear of final death of the life within the skin and bones in a bag of DNA gluons 
Not the charm and love we all had happened to be blessed with from the overwhelming love of society's clowns. 

I'm weened and you and the Others may or may not be but as long as there's one bad apple in the bunch, it rots 
You'll go to heaven or hell like every other thing itself that scored liberty and free will to act, ethically in quiet riots 
Like you would have any spirit or body to be near you when you're casting mid-stream, wadin' off a Green River 
Hookin' up #head and releasin', no harm and no foul, thrice times cried @Uglystick's #6Hook, a fisherman tear. 

Eaten nuts, fruits, plants, roots, people eat animals and each other when they forget to plant, store and hunt 
For what keeps the tribe alive during the drought and the famine other than the storage of the ones who plan 
Awareness and keen perception of how to survive in a hostile environment where the species is the fittest DNA 
At the mercy of viral and bacterial infections without antidote, sky n' I choking without oxygen, hydrogen water. 

Utter suspense of logic n' reason to live in peace and harmony in the middle of chaos and congenital ignorance 
Mystery of this informed consent to live and be buried under an atomic weapon toy, playin' that it's OK, pretense 
Who does not love the children whether their own or someone else's future genetic reproductions, under fallout 
Suddenly without warning, two hundred missiles screamed in every direction 'tween North and SouthPark kaput. 

r j j stephan, I 
c. April 14, 2017 Friday @ 1:11 PM PST (written while listenin' to the @HighwayToHell by @ACDC on youTube link @ https://youtu.be/gEPmA3USJdI )  W.W.A.R.D.?


http://youtu.be/58-DCkdGL5shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkEYVhVPWMs&feature=share&list=PL138E4731C0DBCB71&index=27http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6sjs-oZnGI&feature=share&list=PL138E4731C0DBCB71&index=26http://youtu.be/PyQu7tAP4Aohttp://youtu.be/cHhTzLB_r7AUS Constitution Article 3, Section 3
do not shoot the messenger....READ the damn law!
@ricoSacto WHAT IT IS TO BE HAPPY Y'ALL KNOW, IT'S ALL UP TO YOU by Richard Stephan ********************** In Aristotle's Metaphysics it's not always a clear meaning What it is to be happy or even what it is to be a man But if you read between the Greek lines of the philosopher You may find just about all you need to become a fan. He said many things can make you happy but nothing can Make you happier than you can you, yourself deep within Nothing outside of you has that magic power that is yours The rocket ship that came 2000 years later could roll the whores. The morning light and the evening stars could be so bright That you couldn't see the forest through the skinny trees But that was alright because the mystery was not even there The magic was a matter of spirit and slight of hand of some keys. The future fades into the present for a very good reason It's just that all of the dying people don't tell you before they leave Changing from the baby into the man or woman is what it is The soul flies to the origin of the cause of the star dust of heaven. Pray for something, change the future by a format magic spell Repeat the same invocation three times three times seven You get the nine babies who will fade into the shining essence That brings the reason for star being, just to be happy, be happy. by Richard Joseph Stephan c August 23, 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDhttp://youtu.be/cHhTzLB_r7A


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