Thursday, April 13, 2017

W.W.A.R.D.?  Exactly.


I've got back-up ready to give my argument legs, to make the unmoved mover activate it's holy, infinite glutes Even God's got muscle to move the inanimate objects that spin and twirl around in our matrix, our rockin' world Amazed by the empty, deep, dark hole filled with the soul and grace of a legend, an artifact playin' the flutes What you see's what you get, what you think, you will what you want, debatable flaws, Eve's mortal stranglehold.
In the spirit of the almighty being revealing everything that the #ChiComs require to allow us to be master of Chi It's a KungFu issue of wisdom versus BlindChessmen following orders of ignoramus kings in charge of queens Standard shifting of Light of Enlightenment back to the Darkness of the dark ages before Golden Rule scree Gradual movement from the cool, the blue cold to the red hot taste of fire and momentary lapses, dead scenes.
I could not make anything up from scratch so I started at the foundation of thought, logic and being rational As we're persuaded that it's been a struggle for survival of the fittest of species, within and without, gong a bell Ringin' in your ears, repeating the same old song, over and over again until you memorized the gist of the pun Whistlin' the melody 'cause you forgot the words to the poem, on the right key or wrong, damages are done.
The actual origin of the story has the potential of ending the grand illusion which glues the system's row of ducks There's a DNA atom from nowhere, magic split the atom into two equal pieces of the mirror-image one original Turned into this thing itself on another side, over the rainbow near Oz, specially invented Adam's delicious apple Melted my chocolate factory and holy works of my dreams, everything's goin' downhill where God's core sucks.
Pops called me a punk 'cause I hung out with poor deadend boys, I think he was jealous, his dad was mean #FourCorners Tag, rules our own, #KickTheCan with boundaries of alleys and gangways between our own digs Grown from 6 to 18 then boom...fired by canon into the free world, the free market, to be free, now loving liberty A Roman Catholic analysis of the Truth through Sophistry's sophistication of language, STFU motto of the free.
For real or just for the sheets and giggles you get from pullin' the legs of legs of the serious, 'til they get upset Pretending to be someone of the culture, not in the culture when you use all comfort the culture offers, in spades That is difficult but not impossible from the swimming pool on the coast in Malibu, life paid, death awaiting debt Soul searching for help when doom and gloom becomes my own nemesis, 'til the last drop & the music fades.
On my bad motor scooter to ride the blacktop's coastal One, Mexico to Canada in a week, Chautauqua of me Talked it over within a thousand miles until the ones stopped on my odometer, frozen and at ones 11,111, a key To what I didn't know before and cannot ever recall even a hint being given by anyone, I'm sayin' nobody knew Name of TRUMP's just (c)TRIUMPH without an I or an H, a win-win situation, #Hogs #Knuckleheads #TRUMP
by r j j stephan, I c. April 11, 2017 @11:11 AM PST ( written while listenin' to: #Armstrong&GettyTheBestOf @ https://www.iheart.com/live/Talk-650-KSTE-229/?autoplay=true&pname=691&campid=play_bar&cid=index.html.. & hungry for +Alfano's Little Sicily)


http://youtu.be/58-DCkdGL5shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkEYVhVPWMs&feature=share&list=PL138E4731C0DBCB71&index=27http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6sjs-oZnGI&feature=share&list=PL138E4731C0DBCB71&index=26http://youtu.be/PyQu7tAP4Aohttp://youtu.be/cHhTzLB_r7AUS Constitution Article 3, Section 3
do not shoot the messenger....READ the damn law!
@ricoSacto WHAT IT IS TO BE HAPPY Y'ALL KNOW, IT'S ALL UP TO YOU by Richard Stephan ********************** In Aristotle's Metaphysics it's not always a clear meaning What it is to be happy or even what it is to be a man But if you read between the Greek lines of the philosopher You may find just about all you need to become a fan. He said many things can make you happy but nothing can Make you happier than you can you, yourself deep within Nothing outside of you has that magic power that is yours The rocket ship that came 2000 years later could roll the whores. The morning light and the evening stars could be so bright That you couldn't see the forest through the skinny trees But that was alright because the mystery was not even there The magic was a matter of spirit and slight of hand of some keys. The future fades into the present for a very good reason It's just that all of the dying people don't tell you before they leave Changing from the baby into the man or woman is what it is The soul flies to the origin of the cause of the star dust of heaven. Pray for something, change the future by a format magic spell Repeat the same invocation three times three times seven You get the nine babies who will fade into the shining essence That brings the reason for star being, just to be happy, be happy. by Richard Joseph Stephan c August 23, 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDhttp://youtu.be/cHhTzLB_r7A


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