Monday, April 10, 2017


Everybody knows that you must get things done before you die but you think you have forever, a huge flaw It's a matter of time in this space, you and I will be all gone in a little while from this moment on to the fate of Ra Somebody said that a little bird told her that we're all asleep and can't awaken, #TheShadow knows God sinned One man or one woman wakes up, somnambulistic dream ends, the being asleep awakens One, enlightened.
Do not die just because your body is decommissioned, you are your oneness, your essential essence, Ra spark Mention nothing to anyone with an eye to see, if you're NOT in the club, you cannot analyze the data of the Dark Cause of the final civilized predators to become extinct, I got All Of The Gold, there's nothing after the legend Fall It's nothing personal, nobody is being mean or selfish, it's just that when you want to #Win, you gotta win it all.
How much can Man or Woman take from the 'world' attempt to kill us, once you climb to the top, omega's alpha Tattletales come and go, finger on the pulse, feeling a heartbeat getting weaker by the moment, no more pizza Hunger satiated and everybody's being within escapes to the place in space where nothing is, in a black hole Sucked every bit of DNA from the dirt of the dead star until the quakes cracked the crust into asteroid belt roll.
Nothing more to say and nowhere left to go with noone to listen to the description of the unconscious blather From bards, politicians and the minions at their ungodly mercy there is nothing but silence, no more functions A calculus is less than certain therefore, there's no conclusion regarding the nature of the universe's unctions In the mostly dark, black and empty hen's nest of the place I stay, alone, without another sperhm or egg's fear.
In general, in particular, this language of subject, object, predicates and adverbs, interjections of my synapses Strangers to nothing within a fire or the empty space without the fire, morning or evening boredom God's ease Rollin' around ellipse at a million miles an hour or less just to get some distance from my Self, love's one reaction In a New York minute or a Chicago second, beginning to end, the play of the acts, actors see the end of the sun.
So, close your eyes and go back to sleep because the fun hasn't even started yet, the dream continues on With or without you or I, no worries for the nature of the beast because in the end, everything's forgotten, all gone Mother or father, sister or brother, orphaned by raped eggs in bad situations, we're all a knocked up mother Even papas and brothers can't go to war to fix this Original Sin, Sysyphus' stones rolled way down, phuquers.
by r j j stephan, I c. April 10, 2017 @ 3:33 AM PST  
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@ricoSacto WHAT IT IS TO BE HAPPY Y'ALL KNOW, IT'S ALL UP TO YOU by Richard Stephan ********************** In Aristotle's Metaphysics it's not always a clear meaning What it is to be happy or even what it is to be a man But if you read between the Greek lines of the philosopher You may find just about all you need to become a fan. He said many things can make you happy but nothing can Make you happier than you can you, yourself deep within Nothing outside of you has that magic power that is yours The rocket ship that came 2000 years later could roll the whores. The morning light and the evening stars could be so bright That you couldn't see the forest through the skinny trees But that was alright because the mystery was not even there The magic was a matter of spirit and slight of hand of some keys. The future fades into the present for a very good reason It's just that all of the dying people don't tell you before they leave Changing from the baby into the man or woman is what it is The soul flies to the origin of the cause of the star dust of heaven. Pray for something, change the future by a format magic spell Repeat the same invocation three times three times seven You get the nine babies who will fade into the shining essence That brings the reason for star being, just to be happy, be happy. by Richard Joseph Stephan c August 23, 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDhttp://youtu.be/cHhTzLB_r7A


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